Taking the Mystery out of Energy Audits

Understanding what energy audits consist of or if the companies are offering the same services can be both confusing and frustrating. In this e-newsletter, we will work to take the mystery out of energy audits by providing a clear outline of each audit level as defined by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and compare it to an Energy Walk-Through you may receive from the utility or a contractor.

Energy Walk-Through
An energy walk-through consists of a trained professional performing a quick review of a space or process to uncover energy efficiency opportunities (EEO’s) based on experience and their understanding of current technologies. The outcome of this type of walk-through is often an email or 1 page report of possible opportunists in a bullet point list.

ASHRAE Level Energy Audits
For ASHRAE audits levels, the table below describes each levels scope for the survey & report.

Taking the mystery out of energy audits

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