Energy Engineering

At E3M Solutions, we believe that energy efficiency does not have to be an afterthought once a building/project is complete. The best point to incorporate energy efficiency is by using energy-focused engineering services at the time of initial design. At E3M Solutions, our team of experienced engineers and energy managers allows us to provide quality engineering services with an emphasis on energy reduction. Our engineering offerings are broken down into three primary components:


Energy Audits & Assessments

It takes a trained professional to properly and accurately review a facility and processes for energy audits & assessments. Our staff is unique in our level of experience, ranging from small commercial to large manufacturing & entire campuses. Our level of experience enables us to deliver professional, pertinent and user-friendly audits.


Design/Build & Owner’s Representative Services

Many of our clients and partners have preferred contractors or A&E firms that they have worked with for years. However, many of these contractors or A&E firms do not have the time or experience to identify or evaluate energy efficiency measures that can have long-term impact on the operation of your facility. This is the where the E3M Solutions team can augment the existing team by offering design/build and owner representative services. This may include review of proposals, plans, and final documents and specifications to maximize available energy incentives. All while reducing the overall energy consumption of the facility at project completion. Our team does not replace your preferred contractors or A&E firms but rather supplements the team to bring an energy efficiency & management perspective to the overall process.


Mechanical & Electrical Design Engineering

For our clients that are looking for more, we are available to become a new partner and offer mechanical and electrical engineering design services. From conceptual and schematic design to full-scale engineered and stamped construction documents, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide solutions to fit your needs. Our solutions are both cost-effective and energy efficient while still meeting owner-specific needs. The best time to incorporate energy efficiency and management is during initial design! Through on-staff team members and strategic partnerships, we offer full AutoCAD and BIM services along as well as energy/building modeling and bench-marking. The E3M Solutions team can work with you to find an energy efficient solution that meets your needs while being easy to install and maintain.


Energy Engineering Case Study

Coca-Cola Energy Engineering


Click to read about how our engineering services were able to help Coca-Cola lower their energy consumption and save money.