Exterior LED Lighting – Beyond Energy Savings

In the past couple of years, many of our clients or potential clients have asked us about LED lighting for their facilities. LED Lighting is a great energy savings opportunity for exterior lighting. However, savings should not be the only driving factor when designing or retrofitting exterior lighting.

         Common Parking Area Incident Causes
While not frequent, incidents are always a concern to facility managers, employers and safety teams for buildings. The most common causes of parking area incidents include:

  1.  Pavement Dangers – Pot Holes, Cracks, Debris, Snow & Ice
  2. Driver Negligence – Texting
  3. Inadequate or Confusing Signage
  4. Inadequate Security
  5. Wheel Stops or Other Barriers
  6. Poor Lighting

         Parking Area Lighting
In addition to energy savings and utility incentives, there are several other factors that should be considered when designing or retrofitting an exterior lighting system.

  1. Risk Mitigation – If someone falls or is injured, what is your risk?
  2. Safety & Security – If someone were damage something at your facility, how covered are you?
  3. Local Codes & Ordinances – What are your local codes on Dark Sky or After Hours Curfews?
  4. Maintenance & Serviceability – What does it look like to repair or service your fixtures in the future?


Considering an exterior lighting upgrade or designing a new space but not sure how to answer some of these questions? Connect with us at E3M Solutions or email us at info@e3msolutions.com