When we say that we care about Human Impact,
we really mean it!

It starts here with the E3M team. The best projects
involve real collaboration, feedback, and teamwork.
We work hard to cultivate a work culture that welcomes
open, vulnerable, real conversation so that we can
bring the best of our team to your projects.

Whether we're geeking out over the latest cycling
event, connecting remotely on Teams, cheering on
our resident Ironman, or stuck in a never-ending
ping pong tournament in our conference room,
we place high value on real human connection.

And yes, we're always taking table tennis challengers.


Carbon Neutral Commute


Games of Ping Pong


Cups of Coffee

The E3M Team

Clark Baker

Design Team Plumbing

Eric Ball

Design Team Plumbing

Dave Bell

Design Team Senior Mechanical

Paul Bootsma

Design Team Mechanical

Eric DeVries


Chris DenHerder

Business Lead - Human Impact

Hunter Marosi

Energy Team Commissioning

Savannah Middleton

Design Team Specialist

Kayla Musil

Energy Team Coordinator

Dan Perron

Design Team Mechanical

Teresa Sargent

Design Team BIM Specialist

Owen Pruim

Electrical Engineering Intern

Ashley Smith

Business Lead - Mechanical/Plumbing

Kevin VanDyke

Business Lead -
Electrical & VDC

Aaron Van Drie

Design Team Virtual Design/BIM

Trevor VanDyke

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Matt Vosters

Design Team Senior Plumbing Design

Join our team.

The E3M family is always growing.
Send us an email, and let's grab a cup of coffee.

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