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Energy Solutions

Energy management

Energy management shouldn’t feel like a black hole. Your building might be full of potential energy efficiency that you just can’t see.

At E3M, our team of energy managers and engineers combine tools, technology, and data analysis to identify opportunities to optimize your energy savings. Through our energy audit and consulting process, we’ll provide a wide range of specific energy solutions you can implement.

Discover the energy management services we offer

Our energy management consultants have extensive knowledge and experience. We’ve worked with clients from many industries and sectors, delivering custom solutions to meet their needs.

Explore the many energy management services we offer:

Turn-key Projects

Our team can serve as an extension of your team to project manage an energy upgrade from start to finish. By identifying bidders, overseeing implementation, and closing out the final project, we work as an extension of your team.

Predominant Use Studies

We’ll explore your company’s utility expenses to identify any that qualify for tax deductions or exemptions—potentially saving thousands of dollars annually. Learn more HERE

Utility Rate Analysis

We’ll study your utility costs, looking for errors, overcharges, and alternative rate options.

Compressed Air Audits

We’ll identify areas of loss or inefficiency in a compressed air system, uncovering issues that impact your operations. Learn more HERE

Energy Audit Assessment Studies

We’ll provide a top-level assessment of how energy is used in your building or facility, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. Read more to see if you qualify for a no cost energy audit through Consumers Energy.

Tenant Billing

We’ll connect you to resale programs, allowing you to purchase power through one meter and utilize tenant sub meters for individual billing—simplifying the need for multiple electric meters on the building.

Energy Consulting

We’ll help you optimize your energy usage by inspecting equipment, analyzing bills, and recommending low-cost, energy efficient materials. Learn more HERE

I created E3M because I believe that we can have more impact by improving every building we touch (even by just a couple percentage points) than by trying to make only a couple buildings net zero or carbon neutral.

Eric DeVriesE3M President

Gordon Food Service

E3M energy management consultants have helped Gordon Food Service improve its lighting and refrigeration systems, developing a trusting and collaborative relationship. See what better looks like.