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Optimize 360

Optimize 360: Energy Management Information System

Outsource your energy management with an expert team that brings proactive solutions and on-site partnership, year-round.

We know that energy management is dynamic, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We create a custom plan to continually measure progress and find new opportunities for improvement.

Discover the services E3M offers through Optimize 360

With this annual subscription, our team identifies easy-to-miss optimizations with energy management services like:

  • Compressed airs use audits, assessments, and recommendations
  • An “always-on” customized Energy Dashboard that brings issues to your attention – no extra work required
  • Raising the alarm on issues and anomalies
  • Regular on-site visits to uncover how routine processes impact energy usage

Over the course of a minimum one year commitment, you can save up to 12-18% of energy costs and see energy performance in real time. It’s a great solution if you’re not able to implement major changes all at once!

Explore case studies

Learn how we’ve helped clients across Michigan with our Optimize 360 energy management information system.