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Michigan Commercial Building Energy Code is Changing in 2024 – Join us on June 19 to learn more.

Engineering Solutions

MEP engineering solutions

When it’s your building, building it right matters most.

We don’t see financial sustainability, environmental responsibility, and human flourishing as competitors. Instead, we believe they’re like three legs of a stool – stronger together. From BIM (Building Information Modeling) to feasibility assessments, we approach Design Engineering with the end user in mind.

Discover the MEP engineering solutions we offer

Whether you are planning a new construction, renovation, or retrofit project, we can help.

Design Build

We can combine architectural, engineering, and construction services into a single contract—allowing us to complete your project more quickly and efficiently.

Guided Design Build

When you’re looking to get competitive design build bidders but don’t want entirely different approaches, we’ll offer direction.

Design Assist

We can also collaborate with your architectural and construction services.

Planning and Spec

We can create engineering documents complete with design drawings and written specifications.

VDC and BIM Services

Through these services, we can plan and simulate construction activities, optimize schedules, manage risk, manage projects, and provide cost estimation. Learn more HERE

Benefits of E3M’s MEP engineering services

With our MEP engineering services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved energy efficiency and savings
  • Enhanced indoor air quality and comfort
  • Reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Increased performance and durability of building systems
  • Minimized risks and errors during construction

Explore case studies

Learn how we’ve helped clients across Michigan with our MEP engineering services.