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As far north as Escanaba, all the way down to the Key West, GFS has over 140 stores in 10 different states. While they are based in Michigan, they’ve grown far beyond the Mitten State over the years.

If you’re from Michigan, you know GFS. From party platters to those impossibly delicious lava cakes (if you know you know), they’re a staple for all Michiganders. For us at E3M, Gordon Food Service is a lot more than just a store. We’ve had the privilege of working with them over the years, and it’s been an honor to partner with the team at GFS!

E3M began our relationship with GFS with a need for improving lighting energy savings in their stores. You know that freezer aisle? Every freezer & refrigerator is outfitted with LED lights. If you’re reading this post, you already know that meant a big energy savings for GFS.

Fast forward to today, our relationship with the GFS team has deepened far beyond lighting.

As their MEP Engineering partner, we are an extension of the GFS team, helping to guide and develop new standards for remodels and new store builds all over the country. Whether we’re working to improve their energy efficiency in their refrigeration systems, or consulting on new builds and remodels, we’re able to provide a deep understanding of what the team at GFS expects, and what really works well in their stores.

As consultants, we bring a fresh outside perspective, while also having a long lasting relationship with GFS that has been built on years of communication and trust. Their team is incredibly forward thinking. They’re open to new ideas, and are often saying “just because that’s how we’ve done it in the past, doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.” With our foundation of trust, we’re able to bring new ideas to help improve efficiency, and they’re a team constantly improving and growing.