What is
Optimize 365?

Ever wish you could hire your own Energy Manager?
Looking to optimize your building on an ongoing basis?

Optimize 365 might be the right solution for you and your team. It’s like having the entire E3M team as your in-house Energy Manager.

We'll collaborate closely with you and your team to find the intersection of energy efficiency and human impact within your own building.

It can be summed up in the name: 
We'll optimize your building, for efficiency and impact, 3-6-5.

Let's Optimize

The compressed air in your building is essential to operation, it’s also an intensive use of energy.
Optimize 365 gives you a team to audit and assess your compressed air regularly.

Your energy rate and usage are constantly changing, and in need of attention.
Let Optimize 365 provide you with an Energy Dashboard and alerts to abnormalities and changes that deserve attention.

You and your team’s behavior and actions have an impact on your energy every day.
With Optimize 365 we’ll work alongside you to help make your process as cost effective and efficient as we can, without change to production.

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