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Michigan Commercial Building Energy Code is Changing in 2024 – Join us on June 19 to learn more.

Teresa Sargent is now a Mechanical Designer at E3M.

In her previous role as BIM Specialist, she was responsible for project set up, model management for projects and templates in both Revit and CAD. She also supported the team with MEP designs.

In her new role as Mechanical Designer she will focus on Mechanical and Plumbing designs full-time. She is currently working on designing plumbing sanitary systems and sizing domestic piping for a multi-level apartment complex. She shared, “By joining the process at the conception of Mechanical and Plumbing system design and development, I look forward to learning more about why systems are created the way they are.”

“Teresa has proven herself to be a valuable design asset for our design team. We’re thrilled to have her dive deeper into a design role to support our clients and contractors,” said Eric DeVries, E3M President.