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At E3M we believe in the power to think openly and creatively. It’s why we surround ourselves with open whiteboards and spaces to brainstorm and develop solutions that are both financially sustainable and environmentally friendly. When we bring members of our teams together to brainstorm on whiteboards (or remotely), it’s a time full of new ideas and great collaboration.

So what exactly is a whiteboard session?
You bring your ideas and problems, and we’ll join together to collaborate on the right solution.
It’s a free hour to pick our brains. And yes, we’ll also pick yours! We’ll help ask questions and guide some brainstorming to find the right direction for your next project.

If you’re just not quite sure where to start, this is a really good first step.
The best part? It’s on us. So – let’s get started!

Leading your facilities team and want to know how to make the plant more efficient?
Let’s collaborate on the right solution for your building.
‍Putting a bid together for an HVAC system in a new tenant fit out with a General Contractor?
Take an hour with our team to talk through the possibilities before submitting your price.

Send us an email at to schedule your free Whiteboard Session today!