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Intro To Energy Audits

Over the years, energy audits have become more and more popular. As corporate sustainability programs continue to grow alongside with energy prices, companies are looking for the best ways to decrease their energy usage. One of the best ways to detect energy saving opportunities is by having an energy audit performed on your facilities.

Types of Energy Audits:

  • Energy Assessment
  • ASHRAE Level 1 – Walk-Through
  • ASHRAE Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis
  • ASHRAE Level 3 – Highly Detailed Analysis

Energy Assessment

An energy assessment is typically performed by internal staff, a contractor, supplier or utility company. It includes 1-2 hours of onsite assessment focused on major systems (mechanical, electrical, building envelope, and processes). The 1-page report will include a bulleted list of potential opportunities for energy efficiency and management and is usually free or low cost.

ASHRAE Level 1 Audit

All ASHRAE level audits build on each other, beginning with a level 1 walk-through. An ASHRAE level 1 audit includes a preliminary energy use analysis, evaluation of major systems, utility rate analysis, space function analysis, O&M review, identification of low-cost/no-cost measures and identification of capital improvement projects. The deliverables of this report include all the information listed above. These reports are typically more costly than an energy assessment but allow for a more specific action plan.

ASHRAE Level 2 Audit

An ASHRAE Level 2 audit includes a walk-through but also allows for data analysis to further determine the best energy saving solutions. The requirements of this analysis are set out by ASHRAE.

What’s Included:
  • Building Information and Equipment Inventory
  • Includes Equipment Condition
  • Review M&E Design
  • Measurement & Verification and Result Analysis
  • Measurement & Verification Recommendations
  • Energy use at equipment
  • Data logging (temperature, humidity, motor use)

The ASHRAE Level 2 Report contains all Level 1 components in addition to a detailed description of building & systems, equipment lists & cataloged information, equipment condition, low-cost/no-cost EMO’s, list of capital EMO’s, financial analysis for each EMO, analysis of M&V results, and M&V recommendations.

ASHRAE Level 3 Audit

An ASHRAE Level 3 Audit follows the same building block form as it comprises the elements of the level 1 & 2 audits but further expands the details and analysis.  These audits are great for companies looking to manage their energy long-term. These reports will help companies monitor and understand their energy usage in order to create an energy action plan for the future.

The E3M Difference

Determining the right level of energy audit is less about the level of analysis desired and more about addressing the short and long term energy plan for you and your company.  It’s our goal to help develop those solutions with you and find the level of energy that fits with your goals…and your budget.  With on staff professional engineers licensed in 19 states, recognized and certified energy managers (CEM®) and energy auditors (CEA®) we can help determine the right ASHRAE Energy Audit for you.