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Michigan Commercial Building Energy Code is Changing in 2024 – Join us on June 19 to learn more.

Companies spend plenty of money on energy bills every year, and most people see energy as just a cost, not something to be managed. But, today, energy and sustainability are climbing up the corporate agenda, causing people like you to rightly seek opportunities for change.

At E3M Solutions—a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based energy consultant—we understand that optimizing energy usage is crucial to enhancing your operational efficiency and reducing costs. But understanding where to start can often feel like a black hole of possibility—rendering you paralyzed by how to begin.

We recommend starting with an energy audit, which we offer in partnership with many utility rebate programs. Some facilities can even qualify for a rebate for a free ASHRAE Level 1 or Level 2 energy audit!

What you know—and we understand—is that every building is different. That’s why we’re committed to providing tailored solutions through our energy consulting services.

This isn’t just about reducing costs, but also about significantly improving the efficiency of your building’s operations. 

Harvard Business Review reported that many companies with solid energy programs are achieving annual reductions of 2.5% to 3.5%. 

Our energy consulting process is simple, effective, and affordable

E3M’s energy consulting starts with two areas of review:

  • Equipment inspection: Our team meticulously examines your existing equipment—such as lighting controls and HVAC equipment—to identify inefficiencies. 
  • Bill analysis: We dive into recent bills to understand your building’s energy consumption patterns.

Through these processes, we uncover opportunities for improvement—pinpointing both areas where you can make immediate changes and ones that will lead to long-term savings.

In a recent project for Hope College, we identified energy-saving solutions within the categories of lighting controls, snowmelt, and HVAC equipment. 

“In previous energy audits, we received results that either didn’t need an engineer to identify or would take decades to receive a payback. But with E3M, we received real numbers and true action items,” said Kara Slater, director of operations at Hope College. 

It’s always our goal to provide realistic targets so you can truly begin to see change quickly.

How to get started on energy cost savings

By working with E3M Solutions for energy consulting, you’ll receive immediate cost savings and long-term operational efficiency opportunities. But don’t just take our word for it. Explore how other clients have seen results with E3M Solutions as their energy management consultant.
Curious about the impact of energy consulting on your business? Start with a free energy audit, then we can move forward on unlocking energy efficiency together.