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Michigan Commercial Building Energy Code is Changing in 2024 – Join us on June 19 to learn more.

Have you ever wondered where in your building you could reduce energy costs, but aren’t sure where to look? If there was a no-cost program to detect these savings opportunities, would you want to know more?  

Consumers Energy is offering an incentive program to significantly or entirely cover your costs for an ASHRAE Energy Audit and Building Controls Optimization. By partnering with E3M as your contractor, you’ll improve your energy optimization and lower your energy use and cost of operation.

What is an energy audit?

Energy audits are a popular way to identify energy savings opportunities. 

As corporate sustainability programs continue to grow—alongside energy prices—companies are looking for the best ways to decrease their energy usage. One of the best ways to detect energy saving opportunities is by having an energy audit performed on your facilities.

An energy audit includes one to two hours of onsite assessment, focused on major systems (mechanical, electrical, building envelope, and processes). 

The delivered  report will reveal a list of potential opportunities for energy efficiency and management, which you can evaluate and choose whether to implement.

How does the Consumers Energy incentive work?

The amount of your building’s energy usage will determine if you qualify for a Level 1 or Level 2 Energy Audit and Optimization. 

ASHRAE Level 1 audit:

  • Your annual energy usage is between 400 MWh and 1600MWh
  • You spend roughly $50,000-$250,000 on electric annually
  • You have a Building Management System (BMS)

ASHRAE Level 2 audit:

  • Your annual energy usage is over 1600 MWh
  • You spend more than $250,000 on electric annually
  • You have a Building Management System (BMS)

Either way, you’ll receive a detailed report of energy savings opportunities, with a focus on building controls optimization. 

Rebates and incentives like these help offset your costs of becoming more energy efficient. And becoming more energy efficient will deliver long-term savings for your business. 

Are you ready to get started? Let E3M be your partner in energy management in Michigan. Contact us to learn about our energy consulting services. Contact Us Today!